Nicole and Steven!

June 27, 2008

This wedding has been all the buzz at Orange Tree for quite some time now. Steven, the groom, just happens to be the son of Sheldon Ginsburg, Chairman and CEO of Shell Vacations. This lovely couple had a candlelight ceremony and wedding reception here this past May. The bride and groom are absolutely gorgeous and the wedding couldn’t have been more spectacular, and their families couldn’t have been more gracious and sweet.

This wedding was shot by the AMAZING Kimberly Jarman. Kim was the photographer for my sister’s wedding a few months before, so I knew Nicole’s pictures would turn out phenomenal, and sure enough they did. I cannot say enough about Kim’s work! She is wonderful to work with. You can view their slideshow here.

Getting ready in one of the Orange Tree suites.

One special touch that the couple added to their ceremony. They each took turns to give a speech to their parents, thanking them for their love and support. There was not a dry eye in the house.

Beautiful bridal party.


The amazing fireworks went off at the end of their ceremony.

Thanks to Nicole and Lucas for choosing us to share in their very special day. There are so many little details they added to make their day unique. Stay tuned, we will show you details of their reception!


One Response to “Nicole and Steven!”

  1. I love Kim! 🙂 This looks like it was a gorgeous and fun wedding!

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