Hawaii Wedding

July 21, 2008

Photos by Jessica Claire. This lovely wedding in Hawaii is so gorgeous and inspiring. From the scenic backdrop of their ceremony to the live performers at their reception. And also that GIANT bottle of champagne! Check out Andrea and Scott’s slideshow on Jessica Claire’s website and don’t miss their rehearsal dinner slideshow as well. It will blow you away.


Elegant Wedding

July 18, 2008

I love love LOVE this wedding gown. It’s absolutely flowy, so feminine and romantic. Photographed by Aaron Delesie, Janet and Roy got married at Culver Studios in California. For more details of their day, check out parts 1, 2 and 3 on The Brides Cafe.

A Forest Indoors

July 17, 2008

I am loving these oil lamp shadow projectors from Adam Frank. A perfect way to bring the outdoors in. It would be so amazing to use these images along the walls of a ballroom for a wedding reception.

Rebecca Thuss

July 16, 2008

Rebecca Thuss is an award-winning wedding designer, creative director and photo sylist. You may recognize her work from Martha Stewart Weddings and Blueprint magazine. Here are some pictures of her amazing tablescapes and crafts. Her website portfolio is packed with inspirational ideas for weddings.

Yellow Palette

July 15, 2008

Their use of bright yellows mixed with black and white makes this wedding so chic and sophisticated. It’s perfect for a summer wedding. From The Brides Cafe. Link here.

A Wedding at Home

July 14, 2008

This is the most stunning and spectacular ceremony decor I’ve ever seen. The bridal party gets to sit in lounge chairs, and the bride and groom performs their ceremony facing their guests. Gary and Missy got married at their home in Kelowna. Enjoy the wonderful pictures and click on their slideshow by Jessica Claire.

School Themed Wedding

July 12, 2008

This school themed wedding tops the charts in creativity. Link here:



Also, here are some more school themed wedding ideas from Style Me Pretty:

  • Escort card display: Would be so great to hang their escort cards from monkey bars! (Quick tip…scour ebay for a set of monkey bars…after your wedding, donate them to an area school or day care center)
  • Table Numbers: Each table can represent one of the classrooms from their grammar school (i.e. “Room 2”). Can even add the teacher’s name as well! Table numbers can be hand written on mini chalkboards or on that fabulous lined paper that we all had to use when we were practicing our cursive.
  • Grammar school trivia: Would be fun to list quintessential grammar school trivia on cocktail napkins (i.e. Who was the 5th president of the United States”).
  • Menus: Use phonetic spelling on the key elements of the menu to give the look / feel of a dictionary entry.
  • Guest sign in: Create an attendance chart! As guests sign in – have an attendant place a gold star next to their name.
  • Lounge area decor: If they’re having any lounge vignettes – use grammar school text books as cocktail table decor instead of coffee table books.
  • Popsicles: Popsicles always remind me of grammar school. Have the caterer tray pass popsicles as a late night snack.
  • Favors: If budget permits – collect vintage lunch boxes and have them lined up on a table as guests exit. The lunch boxes can be filled with a snack size carton of milk & homemade cookies. As alternative packaging – use brown paper sacks which are just as cute!
  • Bake sale!: As a dessert display – set up an old school Bake Sale table with yummy grade school treats (brownies, rice crispy treats, chocolate chip cookies, etc).
  • Groom’s cake: If having a groom’s cake – make it in the shape of a back pack, a globle, or a ruler.
  • Ceremony programs: Use old Pee-Gee folders as the cover of the ceremony program.
  • Transportation: If providing transportation – use old yellow school buses!
  • Cigar Lounge: If budget permits — park one of the school buses just outside the dinner reception and use it as a cigar lounge.
  • Grand entrance for the wedding party: If doing a grand entrance — do a “roll call” for the wedding party where they have to state “Present!” when they enter the room.

Thank You

July 12, 2008

Pam Lucas was the Mother of the Bride for Nicole and Steven’s wedding. Here’s what she had to say:

“From our first meeting with Joyce Harwood, we knew that we were in great hands for having a memorable wedding for Steven and Nicole.  Our expectations for our only-daughter’s wedding were exceeded throughout the planning stages and culminated with a spectacular day when the wedding date finally arrived.  The entire staff at The Orange Tree Golf Resort made themselves available to handle any last minute details, and they did it with grace, style, smiles and kindness!”


“Nicole and Steven were married outside, under the elegant lighted gazebo, just as the sun was setting.  The lighted fountains in the background added to the beauty of the evening.  Joyce was there to make sure each step of the ceremony was attended to. “


“No detail was over looked for the reception that took place immediately after the ceremony.  Our guests could not say enough of the spectacular set-ups of the display tables filled with various cheeses, fruits, and hot/cold appetizers.  The chef and his staff were so creative in the heart-carving of cheeses — it was fabulous!”


“Upon entering the ballroom, we were greeted with table settings fit for royalty.  Centerpieces varied in height and design, with the finest of flower arrangements, fruit, and votive candles — our guests were in awe.  Details included the coffee bar with ice sculpture, the lemon/ lime wine bar, a wedding cake that not only looked sensational, but tasted divine .  Those are just a few of the many touches that made our daughter,  her new husband, and our guests comment that, “this was a wedding like no other”.  


“As a parent, we wanted to make sure our daughter had a wedding that she loved.  Nicole also wanted to make sure that her day was memorable to all guests that came to share this day with her and Steven.  It was important that everyone have a wonderful time.  This was all accomplished.  My special thanks to everyone at The Orange Tree Golf Resort for making the day so extraordinary.”


Pam Lucas

Pam, it was a pleasure meeting you, and thank you again for your kind words!

Traci and Anthony

July 11, 2008

Traci and Anthony are getting married at Orange Tree in February next year. Here is their story:

“Anthony and I met on eharmony. He was getting ready to stop his subscription and I was giving it one last shot, when we met. We like to think that it was meant to be that we met. Our first date was six hours long, and we have been enjoying each other’s company ever since.


Anthony proposed to me ironically on Friday the 13th : ). Since I am a teacher I spend 6 weeks of the summer at home on summer break. I had been keeping busy this summer going to summer school for my Masters in curriculum and instruction. I was cooking dinner when Anthony came home from work. Usually when he gets home he sits in the office area and we chat while I finish up cooking. He had asked me how my summer was going. To which I told him so far it was good because I had been keeping busy, but was not sure what it would be like once I ran out of things to do. He then said to me maybe you should keep busy planning our wedding. I was shocked and asked him if he was serious. Anthony then came over got down on one knee, told me he loved me, that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me, and would I marry him.


Anthony and I enjoy going on walks together, we work out together, doing home projects around our house. We also like to play games on our Xbox 360. We also enjoy hanging out with family and friends


I have always wanted to have my wedding ceremony and reception in the same place and knew that a country or golf club would be the best choice. My family livees in the area near the Orange Tree Golf Resort so I was familiar with it, and had seen it when I was driving by in my car. When Anthony proposed I knew it was a place that I wanted to look into, and after researching it on the web, it seemed perfect for us. It is centrally located or both families. Once, I toured the facility, saw how beautiful it was, and met the staff who were friendly and helpful I knew that is was the place that I wanted to have my wedding at.


To help make our wedding special for us we are having a friend perform the ceremony.”


Traci, thank you so much for sharing your story. Looking forward to working with you guys!

This wedding was held at the the bride’s parents home. They really turned the reception into a true Winter Wonderland. I especially love the exceptional photography by Jessica Claire.

The most awesome part. Donuts and milk at the end of the night.