Mandy Hank Photography

August 14, 2008

I’d like to introduce Mandy, from Mandy Hank Photography. She was the photographer for Krista and Tim’s Wedding. She was very sweet and a pleasure to work with.  I’m a big fan of her work, and she was kind enough to share some information about herself and how she got started in this business….

“I started my photography business after the birth of my first child 
and I couldn’t put down the camera.  My husband was in a wedding and 
the night before at the rehearsal dinner that their photographer 
wasn’t going to show up so they asked me.  I was so nervous and went 
out there and did the best I could.  I shook the entire wedding. I was 
so scared.  But I did pretty good and they loved the photos so I built 
up my business after that.

My favorite part of weddings I think has to be getting to know the 
couple.  I love meeting their family and friends.  I love when their 
family gives toasts and speaks about them and wishes them well.  It is 
such a wonderful time where the whole family comes together, everyone 
is so excited for this couple to start their life together.  I love 
the reception as well.  I love how once the toasts, dinner and cake is 
done everyone lets loose.  After months of planning and stressing they 
are able to relax, have fun and create memories.  I’m a part of that 
and feel so honored.

Krista and Tim’s wedding was really special to me.  Their family was 
really welcoming to myself and my assistant.  I love the details that 
Krista and Tim had at their wedding.  Their quirky cake, their table 
settings, the groom’s cake, everything.  They both were really laid 
back and willing to have fun!  That is always a photographers dream.”

Thank you Mandy for sharing your story with us!


One Response to “Mandy Hank Photography”

  1. Mandy Hank Says:

    Thank you so much Kerry and Joyce- I had a wonderful time working with you both! 🙂

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