Jennifer Bowen Photography

October 9, 2008


I’d like to introduce Jen from Jennifer Bowen Photography! She is an amazing wedding photographer and was kind enough to share her story with us. I follow her blog regularly, and once I saw that she was looking for extra help in her studio, I jumped at the chance! So on my days off from Orange Tree, I am assisting Jen in her studio with post-production work. I’m a huge fan of photography, so it has been really exciting to see how much work goes into it! Jen is an extremely talented photographer, and I’m happy to be able assist her in any way I can.



How did you get started in photography?

“I am passionate about documenting life. I have always been intrigued by the human mind and soul and our innate needs for meaning, connection, and love, so I guess it is not a surprise to me that photography took such a hold on me so many years ago. What is now a full time profession for me started about 10 years ago as a hobby that quickly morphed into an obsession. I learned all that I could through workshops, books, other photographers, forums and classes to learn the craft and my gear. And through that time, I started to develop a style that represented me and how I see the world. 


One of the reasons I love photographing weddings, aside from it being one of the most important days of our life, is that each wedding is so unique to each couple. There are so many layered emotions at weddings, involving unique family relationships, hope, love, beauty, details, laughter, tears and always, fleeting moments. Every wedding and every couple has a unique essence and I strive to capture that.”


What’s your favorite part of a wedding?

“I really like the entire day photographically, but I would have to say my favorite parts to photograph are the ceremony, usually preparation time, and the bride and groom portrait time. The ceremony is great because its where you see so much emotion and the couple is unaware you are shooting them, so you get some wonderful, very real, images. I also love prep time because its a point in the day where there is so much anticipation, and with that anticipation often comes an energy that’s often beautiful to photograph. Most of my brides are calm and fairly quiet during this time, perhaps a little nervous, filled with butterflies and expectation and when they project that quiet fortitude that comes from experiencing those emotions, there is a beauty there that inevitably change as the day progresses. And I love bride and groom time because its fun and challenging to always try and push myself further artistically, and to interact with the couple in a way that allows them to be as natural and real as possible. My favorite images are always the ones where they lose themselves in the moment, sort of forget I’m there and just be them. I am always looking for those moments in between poses to capture their true essence.”


Most memorable moments:

“There is usually a very memorable moment at every wedding and its different and touching each time, so I’m not sure that any one really stands out above other. Recently at Ginny and Dave’s wedding in San Diego (link), the bride and groom got up on stage with the band and sang “Honky Tonk Woman” to 250+ cheering guests and that was cool. They were so into the song and the moment, and their guests were loving it, so it made for a memorable experience. I always tear up when there are very touching moments between the bride and groom and their respective parents – a tender look or moment during the dance, when they show emotion during the day at seeing their children get married and several other small moments that many may miss if not watching closely. I guess as both a child and a parent, I am sensitive to those relationships. Funny and touching toasts by the couple’s closest friends often can get me too, as well any genuine display of emotion between the bride and groom, especially during the ceremony.”


Favorite kind of bride: 

“She cares about her photography and trusts in me to capture the best images of the day as possible. I feel very very blessed that I have amazing clients. I know it will be a good fit when couples tell me they want images that look as natural and possible and really capture so many moments during the day. Most families do want some posed group formals, and of course I do these as well, but the majority of my couples really want the images that tell the story of their day and capture real moments. Most of my brides are those I could see myself being friends with (and some do in fact become friends), are generally easy going (not that they don’t know what they want) in nature and are working, professional women. I am lucky to to have wonderful clients!”

Here are some more wonderful images of her work…


Ginny and Dave:

Aimee and Matt:

Thank you Jen, for taking the time to share this with us!


One Response to “Jennifer Bowen Photography”

  1. rsbrannen Says:

    Jennifer is one of my absolute favorite photographers! She has a fantastic eye and is an absolute pleasure to work with! I highly recommend her!

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