My Sister’s Wedding

October 9, 2008

I thought it would be fun to share some pictures of my sister Janet’s wedding and show you where it all started for me. As soon as my sister got engaged last year, I was the one scheduling her vendor appointments, researching venues, checking out wedding photographers, florists, bridal shops, etc. I enjoyed helping her plan her wedding so much, I thought, wouldn’t it be fun to have a job like this? I was working as a mural artist at the time. Thanks to a wonderful twist of fate, my best friend Sally introduced me to her friend Jen Thye from Imoni Events. I assisted Jen for a couple of her Fall weddings, and by the following Spring I found myself here, working full-time as an Assistant Wedding Coordinator at Orange Tree Golf Resort. So, I am very grateful that those doors opened up for me to be here today.

The bridesmaids. My friend Joanne, my sister Belinda, Janet, and me. We’re being photographed by the wonderful Kim Jarman!

Ceremony programs made by yours truly:

Her wedding invitations and red envelopes that had the traditional chinese “Double Happiness” symbols on them. I thought these were so unique:


This customized jacket took me forever to make:

The card box, another fun craft.

My brother Chris officiated the wedding. He did such a great job. For you brides out there, hire an officiant that knows you well! This makes the ceremony that much more personal and special.

My siblings:

I finally leave you with my favorite picture of the night. My family trying to lift my dad, who’s always the life of the party :).

Thanks for letting me share a little part of my life with you!


2 Responses to “My Sister’s Wedding”

  1. tiffiany Says:

    I really like your scroll invintations, where did you order from?

    • We ordered them from a company in LA, sorry I wish I could recall the name! :/. If you can locate a company that sells chinese wedding invitations (which there are plenty in LA), I’m quite sure they sell scroll invitations.

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