Kimberly and Tim

November 10, 2008

Congratulations to Kimberly and Tim! They will be getting married here at Orange Tree in May, and Kim was kind enough to share their story:


Tim and I met when we were both undergraduate students at Arizona State University.  After we had been dating for about two and a half years Tim moved to Boston for a year to complete his master’s degree at MIT and I stayed at ASU finishing mine.  Once we had both finished school, Tim accepted a job in Houston so we packed up and moved, excited to start our life together in a new city.  We found a great apartment and lived there for six months before we found our dream home.  Although we had not intended to buy a home so soon, we decided to take that leap even before an official engagement.  I had no idea, but Tim had asked my parents for permission to marry me back in December and all along he had been planning on proposing to me the weekend of my birthday in early March.  This just happened to be the weekend after we bought the house.  Since the house was a new build, and no one was living in it, Tim had arranged for the builder to open up the house and we went over on Friday after work, excited to check everything out again.  Much to my surprise, when we reached the master bedroom there was a blanket covered in roses with champagne and strawberries.  Tim got down on his knee and asked me to marry him.  We have since moved into our beautiful new home and love living here in Houston.” 


“Tim was in Japan on business so I was with my mom when I chose the Orange Tree as the location to have our wedding.  I picked it because I not only liked the ceremony location and reception area, I also wanted a beautiful place where friends and family could have fun staying for the weekend.  I know Tim will find the resort a perfect place too and we are looking forward to our big day.  We love to travel together and have been on many trips over the years so we are incorporating the memories and photos of all of our trips in creating our wedding theme.”     


What a sweet sweet story! Thanks again Kim, I’m looking forward to working with you guys!


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