Ashley and Dan

March 9, 2009

Congratulations to Ashley and Dan who got married here  at Orange Tree this past Saturday! With a wedding party of 6 bridemaids and 8 groomsmen, this group was bound to have a lot of fun. (***update – Ashley’s mom Corinne contributed some of her pictures from the wedding as well. Thanks Corinne!)


The girls on their way to the ceremony…



A picture of the lovely couple and matted frame for guests to sign on….



My favorite part of the ceremony was when the Best Man and Maid of Honor stepped up and attempted to block off the wind while Ashley and Dan tried to light their Unity Candle! Such teamwork. It was a really sweet and funny moment.



Husband and Wife!







It’s been wonderful working with you guys, and also Ashley’s mom Corinne! Best of luck to you all.


3 Responses to “Ashley and Dan”

  1. Corinne Bethel Says:

    As mother of the bride, I couldn’t have asked for a better choice of venue. The staff met all our needs, the venue was perfect, the food was perfect. The entire day was perfect. I’m so happy my daughter and her husband started their future at Orangetree. Thanks to everyone!

  2. Laurie Caronna Says:

    I am the Stepmother of Ashley, I just wanted to say the wedding was an AMAZING and GORGEOUS event, it could not have been more beautifully coordinated! Congratulations to the Mergls and Corinne and Orangetree for doing such a fabulous job! just a gorgeous day and what a way to start a new life together! PERFECTION! I was blessed to be a part of such a beautiful day and witness this amazing wedding.

  3. Ashley Caronna (Mergl) Says:

    I am the bride and I can’t even begin to explain how perfect my day was. It was absolutely amazing. Everything about my day from the bell men helping us with our bags, to the cart ride before the ceremony, to the reception, to the rose petals leading us to our bed was perfect. Thank you all so much for everything you did to make our day as special as possible. This is a day I will never forget! Dan and I were told numerous times that it was by far the best wedding they had ever been to. It was…it absolutely was!!! Thanks again!

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