Aglow Wax Designs

April 7, 2009


Meet Amy Eberhart from Aglow Wax Designs! We used to work together many years ago, and it so happened that she was a bridesmaid for one of our brides last fall! What a small world.


Since the last time I’ve seen her, Amy has started up Aglow Wax Designs. Without further ado, here is Amy regarding her gorgeous wax designs…


What is Aglow Wax Designs?

Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, Aglow Handmade Wax Designs creates artistic, modern wax designs that are functional and affordable for any event or wedding.  We pride ourselves on the ability to transform a space with a simplistic approach, but still leaving a lasting impression. Each wax vessel is handmade and customized to fit the vision of the clients wedding.


How and Why did you get started in the business?

I wanted a different kind of design that was uncluttered and simplistic.  I love the look that candle light gives a room, but wanted to take it further. I started creating pieces for my friends and family, then began branching out to resorts. I enjoy creating something that is unique and personalized for each client.  Each one is hand poured with the finest quality wax and the purest colors.


What variety of shapes/colors?

We offer a variety of styles, shapes and colors to fit your wedding needs. Our custom-made option allows for the possibility of integrating accents, dates, quotes or B&W photos into the vessel, creating a personal touch for your wedding.  The wax vessels can also be used as a vase for creating stunning floral centerpieces.


Ordering and Consultations

Depending on the order size I would recommend a bride placing an order 2 months in advance.  We can provide our designs for any budget and we are always available to meet at the Orange Tree Resort for consultations.



Amy, thank you for sharing your beautiful designs with us!


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