Elizabeth and Myron

June 16, 2009

Congratulations to Elizabeth and Myron! They got married here last Friday. I love the story of how they met. Elizabeth was dropping her dog off at Petsmart, and ended up fawning over Myron’s cute little puppy. When she came back to Petsmart later on that day, Myron had given the staff a note to give to Elizabeth! So sweet. So she ended up calling him and the rest is history.


They held their reception at our outdoor pavilion. It was such a beautiful day! We were blessed with great weather this month…

HammesWedding (1)

My favorite part: Their gorgeous wedding cake!

HammesWedding (2)


Joyce and Jim

June 11, 2009

Joyce and Jim held their wedding reception in our Mariposa Ballroom last Saturday. What a beautiful bride she was! The couple opted for the white folding chairs rather than our regular ballroom chairs for the reception:

OrdaRobes 009

OrdaRobes 007

Punch and appetizer station for cocktail hour:

OrdaRobes 011

OrdaRobes 004

Their cute little grass centerpieces. Love it!

OrdaRobes 003

OrdaRobes 013

OrdaRobes 012