Nancy and Randy

September 28, 2009

….and we’re back! It’s been forever since my last post, but wedding season is kicking in and we will be in full swing!

Nancy and Randy got married here on September 4th, and I enjoyed all the care and detail they put into this wedding. I especially loved those cute little Godiva chocolate flowers they gave to the kids! I liked the added touch of the thank-you cards they gave to their guests as well. Everything was done with the help of their family, and it’s so great to see everyone stepping up to help out! Congratulations to you both, it’s so lovely to see two people so clearly┬áin love!


Friedman 002

Friedman 003

Friedman 004

Friedman 005

Friedman 006

Friedman 007

Friedman 008

Friedman 009

Friedman 010

Friedman 011

Friedman 012

Friedman 013

Friedman 014


Friday Sneak Peek

September 1, 2009

Nancy and Randy are getting married here this Friday, I can’t wait! Here’s a little peek at what’s in store…